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Offer for commercial companies

We offer commercial organizations a possibility to present information on their companies during the conference and to make contacts with the conference participants.

Dear Friends,

During the conference LUMEN V4 2018 we offer the companies a possibility to present materials in following categories. A basic presentation in the form of advertising materials inserted into the conference proceedings, an extended presentation in the form of a presentation or poster of their own. We also offer the possibility of participation on the conference - the partnership. We also welcome a non-commercial, specialized presentation of your company work results. The conference will be visited by approx. 200 participants, especially from universities and companies interested in lighting technology. The conference is an international event and it will be visited by international guests; therefore there will also be a possibility to make presentation abroad.


Leaflets can be inserted into the conference package.

Exhibition stand

During the conference it is possible to present your company at the conference venue to all participants in the form of a form of product, software, presentation placement, etc. The exhibitor has an exhibition stand at his disposal for demo-device installation etc.


With partnership the companies have agreed on the opportunity for their own commercial presentation.


First of all, all participants at the conference and the companies must register. To do this, please use the registration form. After successful registration an e-mail will be send to you with login information that you can use in the section Administration. After successful login to the system you can add further necessary information required at the moment, e.g. the range of services, invoice information, the reservation of accommodation. This is the moment of the first round of registration and participants and authors register only with the basic necessary contact and publication information. More instructions will be sent to your e-mail provided in the registration and you can find more information on this site. More instructions will be send to your e-mail provided in registration and you can find more information on this site.

More information is available after login.

For more information please contact a member of our organizing committee (Marcela Dokulilová).

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