Slovak Lighting Society and co-organizers – Lighting Societies of Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic are pleased to invite You for the 8th Lighting Conference of the Visegrad Countries, LUMEN V4 2020 which will be held on 16th to 18 th September 2020 in Senec. The conference will take place in hotel of the same name. Venue of the conference is located in south-western part of Slovakia, just few kilometers away from the capital city Bratislava. Senec is known for famous lakes with camping facilities, aquapark and wellness. It is a good place where business meets sport and relaxation in harmony.

Aim of the conference is to present the newest scientific and professional knowledge and achievements in the field of light and lighting with emphasize on regionally specific problems of the V4 countries – Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic. State-of-the-art in lighting technology will be intermediated by top-level experts, who will share with You results of their latest work and recent professional experience. The conference will provide space for broad discussion, overview of modern and progressive lighting products, establishment of new business contacts and strengthen those existing. Manufacturers and trading companies will have opportunity to present their products, services and solutions.

Motto of the conference is „Lighting at the Dawn of the New Decade“. Indeed, entering the twentieth the conference would like to highlight key topics of today’s lighting as such as LED technology developments, smart lighting control indoors and outdoors, obtrusive light in its entire complexity, human centric and integrative lighting, non-visual effects of lighting, modern daylighting, energy performance of lighting, specific lighting applications, photometry and colorimetry, theory versus practice, and lighting education amongst others.

Social part of the conference will include visit of nearby sights, experiencing the local wellness spa or healing procedures, teambuilding activities and, of course, the traditional grill party and social evening with Slovak folklore, national cuisine and friendly atmosphere for discussions not only on professional topics.

We cordially invite you to participate and support the LumenV4 2020 conference in Senec!

Dionyz Gasparovsky
Chairman of the conference

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